Welcome to the Personnel Security Assistant Training course!

GRS is at the forefront of helping solve National Security challenges. We understand the dynamic threat environment, the ever-changing nature of vulnerabilities, as well as the challenge of protecting data, assets, and operations from advanced persistent threats.

GRS delivers critical thinking and advanced solutions for today’s demanding and rapidly changing security environment. These environments require discipline, agility, and the ability to solve both traditional and non-traditional security challenges.

This three-day training will provide an overview of the Personnel Security industry to include where your role fits. You will gain one or more Certificates of Achievement once all e-courses have been completed.

Requirements and Instructions for the Course

  • Access to internet and phone
  • Certificates must be downloaded and emailed
  • Modules A-1, B-1, C-1, and C-4 are all independent studies

Place cursor over each box below to view that day’s agenda.

To begin your training, click on the PERSEC box below that corresponds to the day you are attending.

Best wishes on your studies!

Soldiers travel in a CH-47F Chinook helicopter during a multi-ship flight in Hawaii, June 10, 2020. Photo By: Army Sgt. Sarah Sangster Retrieved 08-08-2020 from https://www.defense.gov/observe/photo-gallery/igphoto/2002315401/

Day 1


  • Morning call: Introduction to the training, schedule for the day, and troubleshooting
  • Independent Study: Module A-1 complete e-course, complete exam, forward certificate
  • Lunch break (30 minutes)
  • Afternoon call: Modules A-2 and A-3

Day 2


  • Morning call: Schedule for the day, question/answer session
  • Independent Study: Module B-1 complete e-course, complete exam, forward certificate
  • Lunch break (30 minutes)
  • Afternoon call: Modules B-2 through B-6

Day 3


  • Independent Study: Module C-1
  • Morning call: Modules C-2 and C-3
  • Lunch break (30 minutes)
  • Independent Study: Module C-4, complete e-courses, complete exam, forward certificate
  • Afternoon call: Question/answer session with Personnel Security team member