Leadership, Diversity, Inclusion, and Culturalization

Vision Statement:

To elevate employee performance and cohesion within private and public sectors through employing proven leadership development strategies, solutions, and training programs guided by measurable goals and outcomes. To advocate and increase awareness that promotes equality, diversity, and inclusion resulting in a positive social change in a global economy.

Mission Statement:

To assist key stakeholders/employers with creating and leveraging a diverse and inclusive workforce and workplace through the implementation of leadership inclusion training, strategies, solutions, and knowledge transfers that elevate leadership capability and organizational capacity.

Sondra was instrumental in facilitating, providing guidance and leadership for thousands of individuals impacted by unethical practices employed by a for-profit organization. She is a soldier for equality and works for the good and benefit of those who face barriers of oppression and marginalization. She has also served as an associate within my organization identifying and developing base-line training programs targeting transitional health care. She is a master communicator spanning the blue-collar worker to C-Level Executives. It has been a pleasure an honor to work with her!
Dr. John Palmer- Managing Partner , Sigma Consulting Group
Sondra worked for me as a Development Manager for a very large group (100+) of college-hire trainees for sales and systems engineering positions. In this role she combined her expertise in curriculum design, learning strategies and performance assessment with a genuine personal investment in the successful development of the young professionals in the program. By using her communications skills and attention to detail she was able to monitor and motivate the trainees to successful completion consistently year after year. I fully recommend Sondra for a position that requires these same skills and experience – she would be a valuable addition to your team!
Walt Marston- Global Process Owner - Sales Methodology, Oracle
Sondra has a cutting-edge understanding of technology and management and I had the honor of working with her and report to her directly. She is a recognized thought leader in our company. She is one of the most accomplished and respected managers and career experts in the field. She is a multi-faceted, highly talented professional and extraordinary work ethic. Her passion for leading and accomplishment is evident in the high quality and quantity of work she produces every day. In working with Sondra, I highly appreciate her being an outstanding mentor, often offering a helping hand to share her wealth of knowledge and experience. I’m very fortunate to be able to work with Sondra.
Dawit J. Ejigu- Senior Network Engineer, Huawei Technologies
Sondra was extremely effective in training the “art” of Project Management. Her experience and stories illustrate the processes, principles, and methods as they apply to business. Her education plan goes beyond the PMBOK, Sondra’s stories are easy to understand as she relates them to real life experience. As her program unfolds it becomes clear that Project Management properly executed can benefit not only business but our daily lives. I feel lucky to have studied under Sondra. Her teaching has changed my life for the better, forever.

Charles Lundy- CEO, MexInsurance.com

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